Monday, December 27

Paris during a snow storm was quite wet. But a really pretty city still.

Monday, December 20

AAAHH. I miss this woman.
She's coming tomorrow to Finland,
but i don't have any munny to travel to Helsinki.


Thursday, December 9

Playing with water at Meri's place.
Maybe next time we'll play with fire...

Tuesday, November 16

Self-portrait on a boring sunday night.

Monday, November 8

Jupperi Ghost town 7/11/10

a pair.

Tuesday, October 19

Edinburgh 19/10/10

Tampere 19/10/10

Thursday, October 14

Just like I promised.

Wednesday, October 6

Got nude at school's studio. Here's just a taste.

valokuvaus 3 - 2009

Tuesday, October 5

some people will never come back to school after tomorrow.
gonna miss you guys.

Tuesday, September 14


Monday, August 30

Maud at Kuudes Linja.

Tuesday, August 24

That feeling of mine.
Camera broke.
no inspirations.
I need a break
from everything.

Tuesday, August 17

Took this last year.

Sunday, August 15

Some people couldn't stand the school's band at the graduation.

BUT TONIGHT! The Greatest Band Ever

Wednesday, August 11

weird stuff may happen inside a pocket camera

Wednesday, August 4

I miss swimming.
Hate this weather.
and school will start soon.

Tuesday, August 3

getting to the nightly heaven

Our nightly biking episode got a great end in Uimastadion.
The water was so warm even the night was a bit chilly.

Thursday, July 29

playboy, bitches.
Cohen 2010

Thursday, July 22

manhattan 08

Friday, July 16

My friend jumping to an unknown world.

Sunday, July 4

Been hanging out a lot at the beach
Swimming and eating pizza.
Now I gotta get in shape!
Have a nice day where ever you guys are!
I'm off to the beach-->

Wednesday, June 23

shut up honey

Friday, June 18

Friday, June 4

Beautiful Sandra

Wednesday, May 26

" We became like the others"

Sunday, May 23

with Lisa and some bunch of friends at ekenäs "baywatch".
Nice sunset. Nice atmosphere.
good night !

Sunday, May 16

summer's here !

Sunday, May 9

happy mother's day ! off to photograph Lisa in the woods !

Sunday, May 2

Happy birthday guys!
+ what a blast wappu we had !

Wednesday, April 28

Model: Eilo