Saturday, February 27

Got off the senior cruise and still alive. Luckily Lauri is also after this nice little cart crash.

Wednesday, February 24

sunny day.
I took this picture a long time ago
and it
just reminds of that funny and sunny day we had.
Just like this morning.
well i'm off to a cruise,
see ya'll later!

Tuesday, February 23

I've been running around all day so this peaceful photo of a "farmer" and "her" dog is good to calm down this day. And Sherlock Holmes was a fucking good movie.

Tuesday, February 16


Me and my friend, Astri, were flying around in the galaxy. it was fun.
Before comimng to Finland I enjoyed looking the stars in Turkey and I still have that one strong memory. Here in Finland when it's summer u can't see any stars and when it's winter u can't see any stars, because the clouds covers them.
I was too sick to go to school today. So I brought the school here.

Sunday, February 14

A little bit of darkness to this pretty winter day. Imatra a few months ago.

Friday, February 12

i agree with my buddy, sameli. we all need a little bit of warm light and a little bit of colours. and laughter.

my friend anni with her stinking foot and her gorgeus ray-ban's
The first post of this mega awesome blog needs some sunlight.
There is over half a meter snow right now. And that's not even in Finland.