Sunday, March 28

this photograph describes my feeling right now.
A lamp without a lamp ball. no ideas whatsoever.
I don't have photoshop no more. I don't have any
photographs that i've taken from the past 5 years,
thanks to my brother.

Thursday, March 25

New York City was in the movies last night. Now talking neverending bs in school.

Tuesday, March 23

Mexicanos los finlandeses seniores

Saturday, March 20

© Halle Muhilden

Wednesday, March 17

This is Maia. My best friend. My sister.
My confidant.
And I miss her a lot. Haven't seen her in a long time, because she's reading 4 exams and i should start soon any day now.
ps. took this picture last summer and the sunlight was this strong.
so i didn't edit this pic at all.

Tuesday, March 16

The irony of happiness.
Haven't had any time to post for a while. Sorry about that.
I wish school ended someday.

Saturday, March 13

Extrovert kids in night time

Tuesday, March 9

Aren't they the cutest thing !

Saturday, March 6

I suddenly got festival feeling. I just need to go and see live music!
I guess I want more because of yesterday. Last night I was with my friends watching our friends performing on stage in Tammisaari, Finland.
There were dub-step and local punk music.
I didn't really like the punk band, but
I had the feeling, so me and my friend were in the front jumping around and jumped on the stage!
lots of fun.

Wednesday, March 3

My heart won't break in frozen time
Snow is starting to melt. But at night it's still icy. Here is the Ice King a few weeks ago. Also a piece of work for my photo class.

Monday, March 1

my two good friends,
maia & sandra,
were stumbling around
in Helsinki.